Cucumber Falls (Ohiopyle State Park)

Who doesn’t love a beautiful waterfall?! That is why we are sharing Cucumber Falls even though we don’t have an exact trail mapped out. Although I didn’t get any pictures, Cucumber Falls is actually GREAT for bouldering. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks. It’s a fun climb, but be careful because some of the rocks are wet and slippy.



When you head down into the trail from the parking lot, you will go towards the right. It leads you down a bunch of steps. We went all the way down the steps and bouldered our way up to the waterfall. Then, we went behind the waterfall and out the other side. There are some seriously awesome views! I *wish* we had more pictures, but I guess you’ll just have to go see it for yourself … (; I did have my Fitbit map going, and it said we went about 1 mile between walking to/from the trail and bouldering. Not too shabby, right?

Parking: The lot is very easily visible from the road.

Bathrooms: none

Water: none available for drinking

Special notes: I would recommend wearing tennies or water shoes – something with some grip so you don’t fall!

Also … I think the Meadow Run Trail connects the Waterslides and Cucumber Falls. I did see a trail when we were heading to the falls, but I don’t remember one by the waterslides. If you happen to try it, let us know!




It’s kind of like our own little piece of tropical paradise right here in SWPA!

Have fun,

Amy + Dominique


Natural Waterslides (Ohiopyle State Park)

Okay, so … this isn’t a trail, but it IS a lot of FUN if you like water! Have you ever done natural waterslides anywhere? One summer when I was working as a camp counselor, we would take our campers to Linn Run State Park to the natural waterslides there, but these ones might be even better! In previous years, there wasn’t much water in them but this year is a different story! Look at all that water! A bunch of teens were having a blast sliding all the way down to the end because of the currents. Be careful, though! Rocks are hard.


Parking: The waterslides have their own parking lot! Just walk down the wooden steps and you are there!

Bathrooms: none

Water: none for drinking

Special notes: Water shoes are probably a good idea! You’ll also want to bring a towel.




If you’re in the Ohiopyle area, we hope you stop by to at least check them out and get your feet wet!

Happy Watersliding!

Amy + Dominique

Ferncliff Trail (Ohiopyle State Park)

Today we are taking you south of the city to the beautiful Ohiopyle! This is such a fun place for a day/weekend getaway. You can hike, camp, go whitewater rafting … there really is so much possibility! We’ve even grabbed lunch and dinner a few times in Ohiopyle – lots of great food choices or you can picnic. Though, no trip is complete without stopping by the Natural Waterslides and Cucumber Falls to chill off.

Winding along the side of the river and up into the woods, the Ferncliff Trail is definitely fun. It’s more of a hiking trail than a running trail due to the terrain. Below is a video to get you onto the trail and help make navigating it easier:


Annnnd here is another map doodled on by yours truly in hopes helping you find your way. I don’t know if the trails are mapped 100% correctly on the map. We got confused near the end so I included a picture of the steps that you will go up near the end so you know what to look for. I think there might be some overlapping of man made and deer made trails.



Distance: ~3 miles

Estimated time: It took us 1 1/2-2 hours walking, but that’s because there are so many photo ops!

Parking: You can enter 7 Sheridan St, Ohiopyle, PA into your GPS. This is the address for the Laurel Highlands Information Center because there isn’t a specific one for the parking lot. The parking lot is on the left immediately after the information center. It’s very easy to see.

Bathrooms: Restrooms are in the information center, and they were CLEAN!

Water: You can get water in the information center and at any of the shops along Main Street and the connecting side streets. No water is available along the trail.

Special notes: Wear sunscreen, beware of poison ivy (stay on the trail!), take a camera, and if it has rained recently, be prepared for a few muddy spots.

We hope you enjoy this little getaway trail. If you have time, look at Christian Klay Winery and stop in for some Lavender Mist wine!


Amy + Dominique