Natural Waterslides (Ohiopyle State Park)

Okay, so … this isn’t a trail, but it IS a lot of FUN if you like water! Have you ever done natural waterslides anywhere? One summer when I was working as a camp counselor, we would take our campers to Linn Run State Park to the natural waterslides there, but these ones might be even better! In previous years, there wasn’t much water in them but this year is a different story! Look at all that water! A bunch of teens were having a blast sliding all the way down to the end because of the currents. Be careful, though! Rocks are hard.


Parking: The waterslides have their own parking lot! Just walk down the wooden steps and you are there!

Bathrooms: none

Water: none for drinking

Special notes: Water shoes are probably a good idea! You’ll also want to bring a towel.




If you’re in the Ohiopyle area, we hope you stop by to at least check them out and get your feet wet!

Happy Watersliding!

Amy + Dominique