Upper Panther Hollow Trail (Schenley)

This is a fun 2 mile trail around the park. We love the wooded feel and terrain. Plus, it’s beautiful year round. Watch the short video below to see how to access/follow the trail from the recommended parking location and some pictures of what to expect:


If you have a phone with GPS, you can actually pull up Google Maps and see where you are at on the trail. I took a screen shot from Google Maps and traced the path that this trail follows as a reference.


Distance: 2.2 miles

Estimated Time: 20 minutes (jog) / 40 minutes (walk)

Parking: I recommend street parking on Overlook Drive. You can enter the address “1 Overlook Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238” into your GPS. Turning onto Overlook Drive from the Boulevard of the Allies, follow the street past the Schenley Oval and park near the end before you get to Bartlett St/Greenfield Rd. Coming from Bartlett St/Greenfield Rd,  park along Overlook Drive as soon as you turn onto Overlook Drive. Greenfield Rd is currently closed at that intersection.

Bathrooms: There is a port-a-potty at the end of the trail (you can see it in the one picture), and if you go up to the Oval, there are bathrooms there open seasonally plus another port-a-potty usually.

Water: There are water fountains seasonably available around the Oval.

Special notes: Watch out for mud if it just rained considerably. Also beware of poison ivy if you stray from the trail into the woods.

Work It Out: For this one, we incorporated some upper body moves to compliment the hills you will be walking/jogging up. You can perform push ups, moving push ups, and tricep dips using the walls of the stone bridges. Pictures (hopefully) coming soon!

Wow! Now that our first trail is posted, we can breathe a sigh of relief. This whole blog thing might not be so hard after all, haha.


Amy + Dominique