Nine Mile Run -> Mon River (Frick Park)

Running loop trails is fun, but running to a beautiful destination can make a run/walk that much more exciting! After the last (slightly complicated) trail loop, we decided on something a little bit more simple but still beautiful! This route will take you through Frick Park down to the Monongahela River, which actually leads to an entrance of the Steel Valley Heritage Trail on the opposite side of the river from the Waterfront.

As always, here is a quick video guiding you to the start of the trail and some if its twists and turns:


And here is your map we doodled the trail on, but remember, if you have GPS on your phone, you can always pull up Google Maps and see exactly where you are on the trail. I always find that super helpful so I know where I am and how far I have to go if I’m trying a new trail.



Distance: ~3.5 miles

Estimated time: 35 mins (jog)/ 70-80 mins (walk) – add extra time to catch a breather by the river

Parking: We recommend starting this trail from the parking lot off Hutchinson Avenue in Regent Square. You drive down a windy road to the parking lot. There are plenty of spaces, and overall, it is easy to find and navigate! Here is a map to the parking lot:


Bathrooms: There is a port-a-potty in the parking lot.

Water: There is no water available along the trail, but if you forget water or snacks, there are a few mini-marts/shops in Regent Square that should have something!

Special notes: You do cross the street in this trail so be careful! Wear sunscreen, some parts don’t have much shade. Also, if you choose to take the lower path on the way back and its overgrown a bit, use your noggin and check yourself for ticks at the end.

We hope you enjoy this route as much as we do. Keep posted for a FUN variation to this route over the summer! Let’s just say it will involve … PANCAKES!


Amy + Dominique


Braddock Loop (Frick Park)

Starting and ending with the Braddock Trail, the Braddock Loop is a fun 2.7 mile route through mostly wooded trails that we love. Frick Park has miles of trails, so this is a nice taste of a few of them. Take a peak at the short video below to preview the twists and turns of the trail and see how to access it from our recommended parking spot:

If you have GPS on your phone, you can pull up Google Maps and actually see where you are on the trails! It’s pretty snazzy and very helpful if you are prone to getting lost like we are. Below is a picture of a Google map with the trails and directions color coded to use as a quick reference on your run. We hope this helps! ENJOY and let us know how we can improve these sorts of things.


Distance: ~2.7 miles

Estimated time: 30 min (jog)/ 50-60 mins (walk)

Parking: Slightly off South Braddock Avenue very close to where you can enter I-376, you will see a business called CLASS on Allenby Avenue. If you turn in there and follow the street to the lower lot (there are train tracks and part of the street is brick), you will see parking. If you continue straight through the lot, you will run into the trail head.


Bathrooms: There is a port-a-potty located on the Tranquil Trail not long after you turn onto it. You will see a pavilion and restroom building. There is also another port-a-potty in the parking lot you pass through before turning onto the Fire Lane Trail.

Water: There is no water available on these trails.

Special notes: There are stairs in the trail. There are also picnic tables along the route (near the parking lot/soccer field and the pavilion on the Tranquil Trail) and benches with scenic views!

Work It Out: For this one, we used the benches to work our triceps with dips and chest/shoulders with push ups on the back of the benches (like wall push ups). The stairs are also a great place to get in some calf raises!

We hope you have some fun in the sun!


Happy Trails!

Amy + Dominique