We are two Pittsburgh girls looking to make our favorite city trails/parks more easily navigated.  One day last summer, I was planning a run in Schenley, but even using maps and Google I wasn’t able to figure out a good trail for my time constraints and mood. After some thinking, I realized that most likely I wasn’t alone. At that point, this idea was born! And who better to bring it to life with me than my fellow sunshine loving friend?!

Together, our goal is to help you navigate and enjoy the trails of parks in the city and surrounding areas in a more fun and non-traditional way. Yes, we will provide actual maps, but we are going to take it a step further with videos, pictures, parking locations, distance, terrain, things to look out for, bathroom and water accessibility, and other factors as we come across them.

Additionally, fitness is a passion we share. To us, nothing beats the feeling of a good sweat session, especially when it involves a run and muscle toning. Combining cardio + strength is a great way to get an effective workout done in a shorter time period. So, why not do some push ups on the beautiful stone bridges in Schenley to break up a 2 mile run and get some added upper body love in there? Exactly. Stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeves!

As you have probably gathered, this is going to be a learning experience for the both of us, so please be patient and provide us with feedback. We are super excited to embark on this great adventure. Thank you for taking the time to read about it. Hopefully, we will see you on the trails!


Amy + Dominique


Disclaimer: We are not professional trainers or doctors or the fittest humans on the planet, so please consult your doctor and all that good stuff. Use your judgement, listen to your body. We don’t know it all and are explaining this because we aren’t liable if you injure yourself or your friends on a trail or doing any of the moves we suggest.




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      • annette92 says:

        Thanks!! — Schenley is great because there’s a lot of diversity that you can incorporate into your workouts (hills, stairs, trails, track, grass). I think my favorite run in Pgh was actually a run from Frick, to Schenley, to Highland park. We called it the “Pittsburgh Parks Tour” haha!


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