Core Circuit (Mellon Park)

Hola! It’s time for pretty city park circuit workout take 2. Which is code for saying that this is another circuit workout we did at Mellon Park, but this one focuses on that strong core! It would even be fun to mix and match the moves for a total body workout.

As with the prior circuit workout, we like to do 10-15 reps of each move. For the running/jogging, we like to do sprints (steady pushing a good pace over 2-3 minutes), jogging (5 minutes), or all out sprints with periods of rest over 5-7 minutes. This is something you can customize any way you like. Walking at a steady fast-ish pace is also a great option for some LISS (low intensity steady state cardio). I would do this for 10-15 minutes probably.

Here is the workout!





Parking: You can park in the lot for the Dan Cohen Playground, which by the way, is awesome if you have kids! The water fountains are awesome. It’s right off of 5th Ave. Then, to get into this part of Mellon Park, cross 5th Avenue at the crosswalk at the entrance to the parking lot, turn right, and you can enter through one of several gates that will be on your left. Walk straight up the trails inside the park and you will eventually end up at the fountain area! It truly is a beautiful place, and it’s not too big so you won’t get lost!

Walking directions from the lot to the park:

Bathrooms: by the playground

Water: I’m not 100% sure, but I think there is a fountain by the playground. If not, you are very close to Bakery Square, where you can grab something to drink or a bit to eat.

Hope you have a great time at Mellon Park! Don’t forget to take your camera because it’s too beautiful and interesting to not snap a pic or five!


Amy + Dominique



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