Upper Body Circuit (Mellon Park)

Hey there (: long time, no see! I hope you’re enjoying all this summer sunshine we’ve been having! In this post, we are offering up something a little bit different. As I’m sure you have seen, Pittsburgh is full of lots of little parks. These parks are all so cute, but when it comes to running, small parks have a big disadvantage in that it’s hard to run even just 1 mile in some of them. On the flip side, a smaller park size is pretty sweet for what we are doing here.

When it comes to personal fitness, we believe in balance and switching things up. If all you do is run and walk, you are neglecting parts of your body. At the moment, a lot of fitness trends seem to be following patterns of short, more intense workouts, like HIIT and circuit workouts, from what we have observed anyways! So, what better way to scoop up two fishes in one bucket (because let’s face it, killing birds with stones is just wrong!) than to take a circuit workout to the park?

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you our very first (unofficial) circuit workout. Personally, we like to do 10-15 reps per move followed by a 5 minute jog or 2-3 minute harder run and then a short rest period. You can repeat it 2-3 times through as well. As always, you’ll want to listen to your body and exercise within your comfort level. Take breaks as needed; stay hydrated. If you’re unsure about form for some exercises, look it up from a trusted, credible source. Enjoy!






Parking: You can park in the lot for the Dan Cohen Playground, which by the way, is awesome if you have kids! The water fountains are awesome. It’s right off of 5th Ave. Then, to get into this part of Mellon Park, cross 5th Avenue at the crosswalk at the entrance to the parking lot, turn right, and you can enter through one of several gates that will be on your left. Walk straight up the trails inside the park and you will eventually end up at the fountain area! It truly is a beautiful place, and it’s not too big so you won’t get lost!

Walking directions from the lot to the park:

Bathrooms: by the playground

Water: I’m not 100% sure, but I think there is a fountain by the playground. If not, you are very close to Bakery Square, where you can grab something to drink or a bit to eat.


Thanks for joining us! Happy sweating!


Amy + Dominique


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