Three Rivers Heritage Trail (Millvale Riverfront Park -> North Shore)

Hello! If you are anything like us, you LOVE to explore Pittsburgh’s restaurants and activities just as much as the trails. A girl (or guy!) has gotta eat, right?! The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a long trail that goes through many neighborhoods. Today, we are exploring a 3 mile stretch of the trail from the Riverfront Park in Millvale to the North Shore. This is a really easy trail to follow, so much so that I wasn’t sure if it was worth the post because we can all go from point A to point B and back again, but what makes this trail FUN is that it’s a destination trail. We hope that you take this trail to the North Shore and then do something awesome.

On the North Shore, you will find lots of restaurants. As you’ll see in the video, we love Burgatory. They have a creative menu (literally!) and it’s veggie/vegan/gluten free friendly. There’s a Southern Tier Brewing going in … I cannot wait for it to open! You’ll find even more than those two, though. Just walk around and see what you’re feeling! We love that so many have outdoor seating, especially the ones along the river trail.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to see the city from a new angle, we totally recommend kayaking! Venture Outdoors is under the Clemente Bridge. You can rent singles and tandems (doubles). The best part? They launch you in so you don’t get wet!

Or, you can always walk over to the Point or into the city OR take the T for free from the North Shore Station over to Gateway (closest to the Point) or to any other station within downtown Pittsburgh for FREE! Visiting Market Square and PPG are always fun! You can check the T schedule on the Port Authority website or via Google Maps/the app on your phone.

As always, here is your video:


Distance: 3ish miles

Estimated time: 30-35 mins running/1 hour walking

Parking: We parked in front of Three Rivers Rowing. There are a few lots along the long road into the park. This spot was just closest to our destination, and we saw other people parking there and hitting the trail. There’s a lot before that and a boat launch.

Bathrooms: There are actual restrooms at the start of the lot, but they were locked. Luckily there is a port-a-john that you pass on the way in. There aren’t any restrooms along the route unless you pop into a shop/restaurant when you get closer.

Water: There is a fountain at the end of the parking lot opposite the rowing building. You’ll see it pointed out on the last picture in the video. Otherwise, there isn’t anything until you get to the restaurants on the North Shore.

Special notes: Take water and wear sunscreen – not much shade! There are a few small detours on the trail where there is construction, but it’s super easy to follow and doesn’t stray far from the actual trail.

We hope you find something fun to do! Let us know what YOU decide on.

Cheers to adventures!

Amy + Dominique



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